Hofwyl Boys School, St Kilda, and Art Deco shopfronts.

Original post 6 August 2020

Another bit of #hiddenstkilda, in Barkly Street- this was built in 1867 as the Hofwyl Academy private #boysschool, designed by architects #CrouchAndWilson. It lasted right into perhaps the 1920s, then in the late 30s, it was turned into flats, and a new block of flats plonked on the street right up against the facade (almost). First 2pics not mine, 3rd is what you can see down the back of the #VillageBelle.

Rather excellent row of #ArtDecoshopfronts on a rather dull late 1930s apartment building in #BarklyStreetStKilda, which hides the 19th century boys school still intact behind – you can see the Victorian stairs though the front door !

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