The London suburbs are ….. Victorian (style)

Not Melbourne but Quite Interesting – I had no idea that around London new outer suburban houses were so historicist ! I sort of like them, nice brickwork, nice details, but a bit toyland scale, and obviously deliberately scattered in different styles to create interest, but still, all the same really. At least they have back gardens unlike ours. But often no garage. The first 5 are #TaylorWimpey, in the estate across the road from the Harry Potter Studio experience on the edge of Watford, then random other ones, last one is the actual Harry Potter house, in Bracknell, 60ks from London. This estate in Watford isnt anywhere near a railway stations, so presumably the people who live there work somewhere relatively nearby and drive ? Or do they do a drive or bus then train into the City ? [Google maps directions tells me it’s actually only 54 minutes by (frequent) bus and train to Euston.] And so small yet they cost so much more – the 4 bed semi is £1/2mill. But then London is a #megacity compared to us.

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