Gothic Revival in East Melbourne

Repost from 9 March 2017:

Fabulous #GothicRevival house in #EastMelbourne, designed by #JosephReedArchitect in 1861. Shows how Reed could go from classical to gothic (and later polychrome brick Romanesque) with ease. (eg #StateLibraryVictoria, #MelbourneTown Hall, #WesleyChurchMelbourne and #RipponLeaEstate). Built for Deputy Surveyor-General, Clement Hodgkinson, who designed a few things himself, like the 1859 layout of the #FitzroyGardens, 100m away, and the grand circus of #StVincentPlace. This house is described as #picturesque, but actually it’s #symmetrical, so I’d say that it had a picturesque roofline, with those prominent side #gables with chimneys (swipe to see), and the huge gables that are actually part of the heavy timber verandah (with fat turned timber posts, popular 40 years later). This is a very Australian version of #GothicRevival.

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