Avoca, South Yarra

Repost this day 2019:

This lovely house is down a culdesac called Gordon Grove off Punt Road near the river – turns out it’s the original house in the area ! Probably had everything from Domain Road to the river and Punt Rd to the rail line. Called Avoca, first part built 1848. And the lovely picturesque gothic front is perhaps 1850s (the one blurry heritage report I could find wasn’t sure). But clearly added to after the 1852 image from @historyvictoria, which I think might be the west side. Anyway, everything around it, like Avoca Street, subdivided off this property, but by bit, last blocks 1922. Early images of the house 1958, @nationaltrustvic, then mid/late 19thC, @stonningtonlibraries.

In more recent history, a peek inside it in 2009 when it sold for $5.5 mill which was a headline back then. Also, because it was the home of (recently retired) #Liberalparty bigwig Michael Kroger and then wife Anne Peacock, daughter of 70s Lib part leader Andrew Peacock; it was sold when they split up. Not sure who was responsible for this gaudy Victorian /Empire decor, but Mr Kroger reused some of the mirrors in his next renovation (last photo). Normally I like OTT but this …. everything is gold ! And white. Except the too contrasty green velvet.

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