Chinese Mission Church/ Commit no Nuisance

Repost this day 2019: The rather delightful Wesleyan Chinese Mission Church in #Chinatown, built in 1872, designed by #CrouchAndWilson, who did a lot of churches, often #polychromebrick like this one. Still a mission church. Part of a great bit of streetscape. Also, the google camera captured the almost cartoonish two-guys-and-a-ladder painting something.

Repost this day 2019: A very coy #Victoriansaying for ‘don’t piss in my wall’. On the side if the #ChineseMissionChurch, in #HeffernanPlace off #LittleBourkeStreet in #MelbourneChinatown. Surprising survival from over 100 years ago, though repainted maybe 10 years ago perhaps from some very faded evidence. #PoorlyRepainted more recently.

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