The Olderfleet – Rialto Gothic streetscape

Repost 2017:

The #Olderfleet and #Rialtobuilding group, one of the best and most exuberant late Victorian streetscapes anywhere ever. All built between 1888-1891, all a similar height and level of detail, all Gothic except one. Almost lost in the 70s, just as #heritageconservation was taking hold, the eventual compromise being the retention of the from 19-12m of the first four buildings, and the whole of the last one, the Rialto, now part of a hotel. Often featured as a postcard views of Melbourne, but now the #damntrees get in the way.

2021: the 2017 photo is after the 1984 DCM office building behind the Olderfleet was demolished, to be replaced by a 40 storey tower by @grimshawarch, now finished, which kept the same frontages intact as before, and re-restored the facades. I did a Wikipedia article outlining the history of you wanting to know more – ‘Rialto building group’.

One thought on “The Olderfleet – Rialto Gothic streetscape

  1. The right hand building in the group of three pictures above was built in 1887 for McCarron Bird publishers and printers.


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