St John the Evangelist x 3, East Melbourne

Repost 2019:

This landmark passed by 10000 of cars every day is #StJohnTheEvangelist, #EastMelbourne, one of the biggest and most prominent #Romanesque style churches in Victoria, but not one Ive ever admired I have to say. Built 1929-30, designed by #WPConelly, who did many Catholic projects in the interwar years, and not the most creative architect, I guess partly those years tended towards strict historical styles, somewhat simplified. The brickwork is nice though.

There are three churches on the #StJohnTheEvangelist #EastMelbourne site – this is the second one to be built, rather splendid, an #ArtsAndCraftsstyle version of #RomanesqueRevival built in 1901, with that great huge built in #celticcross in ‘Stawell stone and weighs 21 tons’ with a tortured Christ bust, animal heads representing the four evangelists, and St John and St Patrick below. And the Southern Cross above. The tower is supposedly based on the c1100 round tower at the #RockOfCashel. The architects were McCrae & O’Toole, who apparently weren’t from a Melbs, don’t know anything about them. It’s a bit sad that the church is both half hidden behind a tall wall, and lost in a sea of traffic, but provides something nice to look at when you’re stuck at the lights.

Repost 2019: Mostly hidden behind a wall and #damntrees and overshadowed by the other two churches of the same name, the first #StJohnTheEvangelist in #EastMelbourne on#HoddleStreet is by #JBDenny (not #WilliamWardell as stated in listings). Built 1865, it’s a nice example of #brichromebrickwork, which #CrouchAndWilson and others also used at this time. This was a combo church and school and after 1901 was fully converted to school uses with the side windows altered. Now part of the Catholic Leadership Centre.

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