Victor Horsley Chambers, 1924

Repost 2019:

Hanging out for a #protest, in the window of #VictorHorsleyChambers, in the #parisend of #CollinsStreet, 1924, by #BlackettAndForster – a rather nice bit of #GeorgianRevival, hard to see through the trees #tramstop etc. Actually I think it’s more like Victorian Revival, not that there is such a thing, but the elements are pretty much from #VictorianMelbourne, but in stone, and not as ornate.

15 March 2019:

The sort of architecture that makes the #ParisEnd of #CollinsStreet so nice – a narrow arched entry to a small, refined, stone faced #ProfessionalChambers, mainly occupied by the medical profession. Built 1924 as #VictorHorsleyChambers, for Mr Horsley, ‘costume manufacturer’.

The nice but disused #conciege booth in #VictorHorsleyChambers; built in 1924. Fortunately it’s on the #VictorianHeritageRegister, or at least the front half is, including the hall, the booth, and the stairs and lift (sadly modernised) and up to about the first door (!). I think this is one of only 2 such booths in Melbs CBD.

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