1 Collins Street, 1984

Repost 2018:

Possibly Melbourne’s first fully #postmodernist commercial building, #1collinsstreet was completed in 1984, designed by the now internationally famous #dentoncorkermarshall, with Peck Von Hartel Trethowan (as PDCM). A bit #decoecho, but noted for incorporating traditional elements like actual #cementrender, deepset #windowreveals, and addressing the corner with a little tower (which was developer Jack Chia’s apartment). Also noted for the #historicpreservation of 1877 corner house, and frontages of grand 1880s #terracehouses on Collins, saved after a long #heritagefight. The first example of #frontportionism, an approach that became standard in the #melbournecbd for 20 years, until the full on facadism of the last 15. Sold for $125 mill in February 2016 which might mean #demolition and a new 30 to 40 storey tower….other pic from 2015 before #35springstreet was built, rather robbing it of presence a bit.

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