Townhouses and artists studios in the Paris End.

Repost 2018:

These buildings were retained to the depth of their front rooms as a kind of historic skin for #onecollinsstreet in 1984, after much fighting by #NationalTrustVictoria and others nearly saw them lost. The left pair are 5-7 Collins, townhouse/surgeries by #LloydTayler, but more excitingly #9CollinsStreet was built as GrosvenorChambers #artistsstudios in 1888, designed by #TerryandOakden, and occupants included #CharlesSummers, #SirJohnLongstaff, and most famously #TomRoberts (and much later #mirkamora). Sadly only the top front studio is left; if it was all full intact, demolishing most would be unthinkable now!

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