North Melbourne Station

Repost 2019:

The original #NorthMelbourneStation was built in 1886, very charming #castiron structure, with cute cresting on the edges, and those built in drainpipe/supports. Small but decorative brick sections too, I suppose just empty these days.

As part of Melb Metro station, this is going to be renamed West Melbourne (which is where it actually is), and the new metro station at Arden will be North Melbourne, where it actually is.

Update : the renaming idea was dumped in late 2020.

The newish entrance at #NorthMelbourneStation always impresses, very #onpoint haha. @coxarchitecture, 2009 – but like all the new stations has more angular design elements than practical ones ! Eg the canopies so high and short of the edges you still get rained on. The Victorian #castiron verandahs at the other end do a better job. A case of finally trying to create something exciting in public architecture but apart from providing the required access, fails to provide comfort.

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