Goldsborough Mort Woolstore, Bourke Street

Repost 2018:

Repost 2018: The massive #bluestone #GoldsboroughMort #woolstore on the cnr of #bourkestreet and William survives surrounded by #officetowers. Built in stages starting 1862 with the corner bit, extended 1882, and top floor added incl the cornice. All very #renaissancerevival in fact looks a little like the palazzo Medici. And till the mid 70s it was twice as big with another section on the right on Bourke St. #goldsboroughmort was I think the biggest wool broker in the biz, with stores all over Australia, some bigger than this. Amongst the first 100 buildings listed by the new Heritage Register in 1974, in the late 70s it was possibly the first major industrial office conversion, keeping all the cast iron and timber structure intact – though all you can see now are the columns.

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