Hoddle Grid Heritage Review complete

So the Hoddle Grid Heritage Review has finally been approved by the Minister and gazetted. That’s 121 buildings, and five little precincts. There’s some places that should have been listed long ago, and there are lots of little cute but sometimes rather altered places, and about 50 postwar high rise, some of which are rather ordinary too! Bit of a gripe, but I wish they hadn’t focussed so much on ordinary individual buildings, and maybe gone for bigger / more precincts, and gone beyond 1975 – nobody’s explained where that came from, so no Postmodern places listed at all. They also didn’t look at anything not a building, so no interiors, or public art or street objects, or the few remaining bluestone laneways, all equally important things. Having said that I think the city might now be a place where everything is new, or at least post 1975, or greatly altered, or it’s heritage listed !

Ps I do know that so many postwar places listed because they’ve listed just about any place that was intact, capturing the architecturally significant as well as the typical examples.

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