McCrackens City Brewery, Collins Street

Original post 13 Feb 2021:

Facade as soft furnishing – a curious quilted artwork depicting #McCrackensBrewery – which once stood in #CollinsStreet, and the last part was demolished c1969 for #500CollinsStreet – where this is installed in the foyer – behind a column ! (My memory is it was once straight ahead). Someone once told me this tower was originally prestigious, but I can’t even find the architect. It’s not one of the 55 proposed for listing. The brewery was built in the 1870s I think, with many additions, and the part depicted in fabric was demolished maybe ages ago, while the larger 1883 front part was there till the 1960s. Photos mostly mine mine from 2013, old image and drawing from @library_vic.

Found a photo of #McCrackensBrewery (a Halla snap from the late 60s). The Collins Street front was built in 1883, and designed by #ReedHendersonAndSmart; it was added to a complex that faced Little Collins it seems. The brewery started in 1851, not sure if here at first though, but def by the 1870s. A store was added in 1879 in Little Collins, the only part now left, called Ebsworth House. A very modern looking part was added in 1907 just after it was taken over by CUB. The brewery part was demolished in the 30s, the main front lasted to the late 60s, complete with the ‘Australian’ Coat of Arms logo (before federation) in the parapet. It was generally known as the City Brewery rather than McCrackens. Early photos @library_vic, aerial photo @cityofmelbourne, other stuff from beer label collector websites.

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