Burke & Wills

Original post 1 March 2017:

The heroic statue / monument to the ill fated explorers Burke & Wills, who died in the desert after trekking from Melbourne to the north coast of Australia (and not finding an inland sea). That was 1861, and this, Melbourne’s first major public monument (that wasn’t imported) was cast by eminent sculptor #CharlesSummers in 1865. It’s been moved 5 times, and is about to move again (to storage to allow the city square to be dug up for the melbourne metro project). The original location was the middle of the intersection of #Collinsstreet and Russell street, at the top of the rise just to the left here, where it would have looked quite majestic; and now I wonder why he made the figures face away from the main view to the south, looks great but means their faces are in shadow, especially Wills, cast literally as the minor partner, peeping behind Burke’s cloak.

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