National Bank HQ Collins Street

Original post 1 March 2018:

The 1927 National Bank by #AandKHenderson with its almost matching 1984 extension on the right (built after a long campaign by the #nationaltrust to save whole thing from complete dem for a tower). Strong expression of the #132ftheightlimit imposed 1916 and reimposed 1982. Also the facade recreates the 19thC 2 storey bank formerly on the site, but 5 instead of 3 bays wide, and first floor level recreated 10 floors up !

The original National Bank, built 1870, designed by #LloydTayler. V large and elegant for it’s day, oddly this seems to be the only photo of it. Not to be confused with the Bank of Australasia up the road, built 1874, later known as National Bank of Australasia, and this site became the National Bank of Australia. There were perhaps 9 banks with grand headquarters within the two central blocks of #CollinsStreet by the late 19thC.

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