Modernist Kallista

28 March 2016:

Stylish though worn #modernist #tearoom up in the #Dandenongs originally designed by noted architect #FrederickRomberg (part of Boyd Romberg and Grounds in the 50s). Not built as designed in 1945, not completed till 1950.

The food wasn’t half bad actually, v nice spiced #carrotcake.

Romberg v interesting though not super prolific, but was one of the important pre and post war emigre European architects to bring varieties of euro modern to Melbourne. He was raised in Germany, trained in Switzerland, arrived in 1938, and designed things that were angular, textured, sometimes rustic, not pure Bauhaus. Did two v interesting houses on the hills, one before, one after the war.

From ‘Frederick Romberg : Architecture of Migration’ , 2000, RMIT press, Ed. Harriet Edquist.

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