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Intentionally uneven arches on Beaconsfield Parade

‘Shandon’ sits majestically on #BeaconsfieldParade near Fitzroy St #StKilda, looking might fine. Built 1885, no architect, but the unusual ‘uneven arcading’ is supposedly inspired by Pistoia Cathedral, but this is actually way more uneven. Also interesting that it’s built like a mini-palace, with the main rooms on the first floor up a grand staircase, with … Continue reading Intentionally uneven arches on Beaconsfield Parade

Sun Blest, so cute.

#SunBlest - so very #instagrammable - this #VictorianVilla in #BlessingtonStreet, #StKilda shows what was left after (presumably) a built-in verandah was removed, with the internal paint left. But it also has 50s wrought-iron and funny crazy paved stepped walls, shouldn’t be there if it was built in ....maybe artfully rearranged ? A witty 1980s or … Continue reading Sun Blest, so cute.

Post Federation almost Bungalow, StKilda

A very nice #postfederation house built in 1920 in #BlessingtonStreet, #Stkilda opposite the #StKildaBotanicalGardens. Combining #ArtsAndCrafts Medievalising elements like the #baywindows and #diamondpanewindows and #halftimbering (also seen in the Federation style but now a bit stylised) and Edwardian Marseilles tiles, with a pair of gabled roofs showing the emerging influence of the #CalifornianBungalow style. A … Continue reading Post Federation almost Bungalow, StKilda

Hidden heritage revealed – Bundalohn, Tennyson Street, St Kilda

Original post 28 December 2019 No it’s not being demolished, it’s being revealed ! They knocked down some ugly 60s flats / hotel units that were in front - though they’re going to build more back, for crisis housing apparently, which will be good to have. Anyway it’s called #Bundalohn, it’s opposite the #StKildaBotanicalGardens, it … Continue reading Hidden heritage revealed – Bundalohn, Tennyson Street, St Kilda

Bricky severe Modernism in St Kilda West.

Bellaire, in #CowderoyStreet, #WestStKilda, a place I’d seen photos of but not clapped my own eyes on it. A bit severe ! Designed by #GeoffreyMewton of #MewtonAndGrounds, 1936, lauded as one of those places showing the influence of Modernism when all around was Art Deco or Tudor, its almost Bauhaus in its severity, softened - … Continue reading Bricky severe Modernism in St Kilda West.

The Gatwick vs The Block

For anyone who watched #TheBlock2018, here’s a reminder of what the inside of the #TheGatwickHotel looked like before they demolished it all in order to create empty shells for the contestants to decorate. I’m still fuming that the @CityOfPortPhillip didn’t lift a finger to try to save any of this (and the perfectly intact 1937 … Continue reading The Gatwick vs The Block

St Kilda Public Library, Enrico Taglietti, 1973.

The #StKildaLibrary was designed by #EnricoTaglietti, and built 1971-73. Often called #Brutalist cos of the #offformconcrete, I’d say it’s really an interpretation of #FrankLloydWright, with all that horizontality and #batteredwalls, but it’s a great interpretation! Love the wacky angled gap/windows and the attention to detail. Tagleitti was an Italian architect who came out in 1955 to do … Continue reading St Kilda Public Library, Enrico Taglietti, 1973.

St Kilda Triangle

Plans for the #StKildaTriangle are in the news today so here’s my (terrible) sketches I did for the #communityconsultation in 2012. Having gone to a number of sessions, hearing that most people wanted green space, I came up with a #CarloCatani-style palm tree avenue linking a forecourt in front of the Palais straight to the … Continue reading St Kilda Triangle