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Australia Hotel, Collins Street 1939, glamorous and gay.

First posted 31 January 2020 This is the third luxury hotel that #LeslieMPerrott designed, the #HotelAustralia in the middle of #CollinsStreet, opened June 1939, and hard to believe it was demolished in 1989. I remember being shocked when I heard (this was just before I started working at the NationalTrust), I guess it wasn’t highly … Continue reading Australia Hotel, Collins Street 1939, glamorous and gay.

Melbourne Gotham

Melbourne Gotham, one of the interwar towers that manages to look like an #ArtDeco skyscraper even though built under the #132ftHeightLimit (40m). Designed by the Commonwealth Dep of Works for the #CommonwealthBank, and competed 1941. I like how it’s one-sided, all nicely detailed on the laneway side, but the other side is quite visible, an … Continue reading Melbourne Gotham

Footscray Junior Technical College, 1941.

Footscray Junior Technical School, 1941, #PercyEverett at his finest, a grand entry set on and inside corner, with curves and counter-curves, a circular vestibule, some great brickwork, topped by a pair of flagposts - the only thing is there’s trees in front, and a big newer block, and a slight slope down, meaning it doesn’t … Continue reading Footscray Junior Technical College, 1941.

Thoroughly Modern Milk Bar

More #GeoffreyMewton early Modern #Melbourne delights, the Milky Way Cafe photo in the State Library Collection - but what ? where ? - this from the Wikipedia entry for Mewton (which I just wrote): “This was followed in 1934 by the MIlky Way at 300 #LittleCollinsStreet, a venture of the United Milk Producers Society to … Continue reading Thoroughly Modern Milk Bar

Bricky severe Modernism in St Kilda West.

Bellaire, in #CowderoyStreet, #WestStKilda, a place I’d seen photos of but not clapped my own eyes on it. A bit severe ! Designed by #GeoffreyMewton of #MewtonAndGrounds, 1936, lauded as one of those places showing the influence of Modernism when all around was Art Deco or Tudor, its almost Bauhaus in its severity, softened - … Continue reading Bricky severe Modernism in St Kilda West.

Mewton Modernism

Looks like maybe a #Bauhaus design ? Actually it was built in #Toorak in 1934! Came across this photo while updating the Wikipedia entry for #GeoffreyMewton, so now I know that in the 1930s he did some of the most ‘Modernist’ houses In Melbourne! All white or brick rectangular volumes, with flat roofs (though Phillip … Continue reading Mewton Modernism

Percy Everett in Willy

Lunch in #Williamstown, so had to have a look at #PercyEverett’s addition to #WilliamstownHighSchool, and excellent as always, looking like a superior 1930s office block almost, but it’s actually 1948 - Percy seems to have ignored modernism almost complete (#RobinBoyd etc must have been shaking their heads in disbelief). But it’s very nice, well built … Continue reading Percy Everett in Willy

Art Deco landmark – Mitchell House, Harry Norris, 1937

#MitchellHouse, #HarryNorris, 1937 - I remember when only us #archinerds admired this building, sitting rather prominently on the edge of the retail district, full of odd little showrooms and companies and architects offices - now it’s full of #creativeindustries, super well known, and also right now surrounded by cranes, even that danger wiring stuff in … Continue reading Art Deco landmark – Mitchell House, Harry Norris, 1937

Dorijo, East Melbourne, another IG Anderson triumph

Not large but manages to impress, with its deep scoring and prominent tower - #Dorijo, #VictoriaParade, #EastMelbourne, by #IGAnderson, 1934; Anderson went on to do a whole lot of flats after this, mostly with that extra bit of flair, like this one (just renovated after years of flaking pink paint, with a name possibly made … Continue reading Dorijo, East Melbourne, another IG Anderson triumph